DYAD Plays Puccini is rated one of the Top 50 Jazz CDs for 2013 by Scott Albin of JazzTimes!

Sometimes a simple comment made in passing becomes the seed that blossoms into a beautiful idea. Operatic soprano Pamela Olsen confided to her husband, pianist Eric Olsen, that Lou Caimano’s alto playing reminded her of an opera singer. This suggestion became the concept for Dyad Plays Puccini: re-imagining Puccini’s most beautiful classical compositions as contemporary jazz arrangements. With that, a new musical adventure for the Dyad partnership was born, fusing the two streams of classical and jazz music. In DYAD Plays Puccini, Olsen and Caimano bring ten timeless Puccini melodies into the 21st century with grace, style, virtuosity, and originality.

Pure DYAD at its best.

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Eric and Lou at the Piano